Final audio recording


1. I used garage band to edit this audio, it took me a while but I have used it before so it wasn’t completely foreign.

2. I enjoyed having to power to keep and delete the things I didn’t like about the interview and edit it.

3. No nothing really surprised me.

4. I wish I would have conducted a better interview with more intriguing questions.

Raw Audio

1. I interviewed Lauren Garrelts in the classroom building on October 28th. Using an audio recorder wasn’t very difficult, I used the voice memos application on my phone. I concerned about background noise and made sure I was really still during the interview. I was in a group of three so I did not get a chance to be interviewed by a classmate. I have however been interviewed a lot for athletics and the main thing I have notice is that it’s hard to come up with answers to difficult questions on the spot.

2. I enjoyed listening to Lauren’s stories about her vacation because it sounded like a really fun experience. I also enjoyed controlling the interview by asking the questions I was curious about. I did not enjoy coming up with follow up questions out of the air. At times I stressed because I was unsure what I was going to ask next.

3. I wish I would have asked more questions. The interview had few questions with a large body of response from Lauren. Although the stories were intriguing, I wish I would have asked more specific questions.


Photos of Laramie

FullSizeRender (1)

Girl studying outside of Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse in downtown Laramie, Wyoming.

I took this picture outside of the Night Heron Book and Coffeehouse on October 15, 2014. I was walking out of the store after having some coffee and I suddenly saw this girl sitting by her self. She was mesmerized by her notes that were in her lap. I thought it was unique and independent of her so I took a picture of her before she saw me. It was pretty easy to take this picture. I was really thinking about the different colors that are surrounding her.

A man looking for a book inside of Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse in downtown Laramie, Wyoming.

FullSizeRender (4)

Kaylee Hoffman, Senior at the University of Wyoming. She is riding her bike on her way home on this warm fall day in Laramie, Wyoming.

I took this photo after class on October 15. Kaylee and I were riding our bikes home like we usually do and I noticed how cool the scenery was. So I began to think about the different depth perceptions that I could create by taking a picture from the side. It wasn’t that difficult, I just set up and had her casually ride by.

FullSizeRender (3)

This is an employee at the Big Hollow Food Co-Op in downtown Laramie, Wyoming. In this picture he is taking inventory of produce section.

I was grocery shopping in downtown Laramie on October 14. I saw this employee taking inventory and really liked the different colors that were surrounding his so I quickly took a picture on my I phone. I really tried to get the rule of thirds when taking this photo as well. It was fairly easy, I just happened to be in the right place at a good time.


FullSizeRender (2)

A man picking out a book at the Night Herron Book & Coffehouse in downtown Laramie, Wyoming.

I was drinking coffee in this coffee house in downtown Laramie on Tuesday October 14 when I saw this man looking for a book. I took this picture from my table I was sitting at. I edited this by zooming in on him to mainly get the book and him in the picture. I really liked the pattern that the books gave as a background.


Running back for the Wyoming Cowboys Football Team

I took this photo of a player on the University of Wyoming football team. It was after practice and I just took it of the player walking by on his way into the locker room. I really like all of the different colors in the background and how it shows a rule of third. I found this picture easy to take.

Creative Devices in Photography

pic 1


Title: A long ways away.

-This is a picture taken on a bus ride in Laramie to the Laramie Airport. The dominant creative device used in this picture is balancing elements. The focal point is the origami bird but the scenery on the left balances it out.


pic 3

Title: Another Day in Laradise

-This photo was taken on the athletic grounds at the University of Wyoming. The dominant creative device that is used is depth. You can really see how in order the flags, cars and dome go and how they are at different depths relative to their size in the photo.

thirds show

Title: Headed to work

-This photo was taken at the University of Wyoming. The people riding in the cart work for the maintenance grounds. This photo follows the rule of thirds dominant creative device. It draws attention to the focal point and captures the viewer’s attention because of the large majority of the picture that is taken up.


Title: The Long Process

-This photo was taken at the University of Wyoming at the Rochelle Athletic Building in the football facilities. The dominant creative device is focus. It draws the attention to the focal point because the water bottle is clear and each layer behind it gets more and more blurry.


Title: Our Own Berlin Wall

-This photo was taken at the University of Wyoming. The students put up a fake Berlin wall on campus and this is a photo of Colby Kirkegaard walking along. The dominant creative device used in the photograph is color.


Wyoming Athlete “Undie Run” Charity Event


undie run

All of the athletes that participated

A charity event where you exercise in your underwear occurred at The University of Wyoming on Sunday September 28, 2014. The volunteers that were in attendance were student-athletes from the University of Wyoming.  The event was hosted by the student athlete advisory committee (SAAC Information) and took place at the indoor practice facility on the athletic grounds. The idea of the charity is to donate the clothes that you wear to the event except for your underwear. By the time you leave you should be driving home half naked.

This is the first time the University of Wyoming has hosted an “Undie Run,” there were fifty student-athletes in attendance and over three hundred articles of clothing donated. Once you got to the event you were split up into two teams. You then had to run through an obstacle course with hurdles and cones and take off your clothes as you went through. The entire event was about thirty to forty five minutes long.

Rain Delay

Although the undie run was a success it did not go as smoothly as planed. The original idea had the student athletes running outside to different facilities taking clothes off at each station. The idea got side tracked on account of a rainy storm that brewed in about an hour before everything started and lasted throughout the night. Nicole Walker a SAAC rep said, “We had to come up with a new idea likidy split because the entire night was suppose to be outside.” She also said this was the greatest challenge of the night.

Needless to say this is a unique and different idea for a charity event. It is not an original University of Wyoming idea, it was taken or even borrowed from another institution.  This has been done by numerous other colleges, for example Arizona State University does an annual “Undie Run” that is open to the entire student population. Therefor increasing the number of clothing donated by astronomical amounts. Here is a comparison to a more established “Undie Run.”

The student athlete advisory committee is dedicated to bringing student athletes together and helping out the community. The bind that they find themselves in is how do you make community service appealing? Peter Prigge the head of compliance for athletics at the University of Wyoming says,

“We wanted to make a charity event that intrigued student-athletes to come, not many people would have showed up if I told them to just bring a bunch of canned food to my office.”

In addition to this event SAAC also hosts an annual gatorade pong tournament that is a canned food drive. Where students have to bring canned food in order to participate in the event.

With a turnout of fifty plus people at this event it appears that things are headed in the right direction. The students are responding to the idea of interactive charity among student athletes. Tom Thorton a Wyoming football player attended the event and said,”These are fun events that we all look forward to, I wish more student athletes would show up. I have a strong feeling that the gatorade pong tournament will have a lot more people because of the competitive nature of the tournament. I’m looking forward to it!” It appears that the competition at these events has an attraction to the student athletes.

sam undie run vert

SAAC President: Sam Stratton

Home Coming Event

Although there were only three hundred articles of clothing donate, this is just the beginning of a much larger clothing drive. The student athlete advisory committee recorded their undie run and will be showing a highlight tape on October 8, 2014 at the Wyoming Cowboys homecoming game against San Jose State University.  They plan to make the football game into a clothing drive for the fans. The video will show the undie run  and the fans will be encouraged to donate clothes on the way into the game and when they leave. There will be buckets for clothes placed at all of the entrances and exits at the stadium.

Even though the Undie Run occurred on a rainy night, it was still a success in which over three hundred articles of clothing were donated. Not only were there clothes donated this event brought student athletes together for a good cause and allowed them to have fun doing so. With the recognition at the homecoming football game the SAAC committee might show and bring more awareness to their events and help these charity events grow even stronger.



Multimedia Test

The website I was assigned for my multimedia test was As you can see from the site when you first open it, there is a large screen playing a video. When I first opened the site, I began to watch the video, this was a high quality video with fascinating sounds that made it seem like you were at the scene. I saw some cool pictures that I liked during the video I paused them to take a better look. When I did this there was a caption that appeared and told me what was in the picture and where it was taken. I continued playing around with the video, then I saw the little circles at the bottom of the page so I began to push those and read a few captions.

After looking over the tips for evaluating multimedia navigation tips I noticed that the navigation circles on the bottom of the page were a little undersized. It’s probably large enough for a standard laptop or computer but for a devices that uses a touch screen it’s probably too small. Within the website the labels are not very clear, you have to guess and play around with the website to really understand what it is that you are doing. For instance, when trying to understand what the entire web site was about I had to click on a the question “Why 100 gallons?”

I easily found how to contact the creator, I clicked on the link “about” and from there I found a big link that said “contact us.” It reminded me of most websites when it came to contacting them, pretty straight forward.

I showed the website to someone I know and they thought the outline of the site was unusual, but in a good way. They initially went to the small circles on the bottom of the page, and began reading a few segments. After that they watched the entire video from start to finish. They didn’t seem to have many  navigation errors. I told them to try and find how to contact the creator and they figured it out in a matter of seconds. It seemed like between myself and the other person we had similar experiences with the site. There wasn’t too much extra stuff that we got side tracked with.


Things we liked:

The first thing that we agreed on the color of the website, we thought the colors and the design were really intriguing and therefor we wouldn’t change them.  Also we liked how you could jump around the video and get different information whenever we wanted. Lastly we both were really pulled in by the HD pictures and videos that were shown.

Changes we would make:

The labeling for the navigation could have been better. For instance, the small circles on the bottom of the page were complete guesses on what was going to pop up. Also the circles themselves should have probably been slightly larger. If it were my page I would have put an introduction slide introducing the point of the videos and information for people who don’t know the purpose of the website.




My News Diet


The news I receive is primarily internet and electronically based. These sources are readily available for me through my smartphone, computer and ipad. I personally am an athlete so on an average day, I would normally check That’s where I gain all my sports news and data from. I also check out a sports blog called This is a blog written to show viewers humor in professional sports. As for world news, I normally check Google News. When I open up this page I usually just scroll down the page for the most interesting picture or headline. I Probably check this about once a week at the most.

I know that Barstool Sports isn’t the most reliable source on the internet, but I mainly use it for entertainment. The opinions of the bloggers on that site are hysterical. They basically say what everyone else is thinking, I highly suggest taking a look at it. This, along with other  entertainment sites are probably bias, because it is another blog and incredibly opinionated.

I know that I’m missing out on a lot of other news going on in the world. I haven’t been consistent enough with keeping up on a day to day bases of the news. For some strange reason, as of right now in my life, I would rather watch bloopers of the not top 10 plays of the week on some sports site. I’m sure over time I will mature and become more interested in what’s going on outside of my personal interests.

Most people I hang out with tend to visit the same sites I do. Therefor we talk about the same topics that we come across in our news diets. It’s a part of our every day communication that we don’t really think about, odds are if you’re up to date on a sports issue you and I will have something to talk about. I love talking about sports and it doesn’t really matter who I’m chopping it up with, it could be the guy down at the barber shop for all I care. Sure we may disagree but that’s probably what makes news relatively entertaining for most. Is the different stances on what people are doing and how we each individually see different problems or circumstances in this world.  There’s a lot of,”what would you do?” Type of questioning when talking about the news, or also “Can you believe that happened?”  These questions bring people together to talk about certain problems that they would normally not bring up.

barstool     espn